In the early stages of the development of China's racing industry, the PADAL brand was committed to sponsoring various drifting events and driver teams. During multiple races, its brand owner and R&D team discovered a polarity phenomenon, and after repeated experiments and improvements, they invented a revolutionary lubricant formula. This invention overturned and promoted the development of the lubricant industry. The chemical properties of the "polar attraction" formula are the formation of a strong protective film on the metal surface, providing super protection to the engine at high temperatures or pressures. This is a revolutionary invention.

Lubricating oil is generally applied to the bearing surface in the form of splash, spray and oil pump suction, but the oily products themselves will disappear from the microscopic peaks and valleys after severe wear, and ordinary lubricating oil cannot provide adequate protection for engines and mechanical equipment. The "polar adsorption" formula developed by PADAL can firmly adhere to the bearing surface, helping to resist wear and tear, and consistently performs excellently even under severe operating conditions.
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